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It is always good to keep in mind the many pluses behind a nice car detailing in SEVEN HILLS, especially when car detailing experts handle it. If you are planning to sell your car or you want to feature your car in a show, or want to showcase the vehicle, or want a detailer to give it the pre delivery touch, then services like luxury or premium, car detailing in Seven Hills, or pre sale detailing in Seven Hills has to be undertaken. Rather, it is worthwhile to get a round of car detailing services in Seven Hills 2147 carried out. And in this, Dr Detail Premium Auto Detailing can help you out. Our car care detailing service in Seven Hills has made our presence felt in the Seven Hills and Sydney NSW areas too.

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Auto Detailing

When referring to auto detailing, it is basically a service which entails end-to-end cleaning, washing, a neat, thorough finishing, and restoration efforts for cars and automotives. The rationale behind carrying out this is to give the vehicle a touch-up finish and cleaning so that it looks like a nice show-vehicle. And most of all, the auto detailing is carried out for the vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailingis all about giving the surface of the car the finish it requires. As in, the trimming, wheels, windows, and tyres of the automotive are cleaned thoroughly. This way, the dirt, dust, stains, grime, and oil which are embedded on to the different exterior parts are cleaned comprehensively by expert cleaners.

Interior Detailing

The car detailing service is clearly divided into two parts interior and exterior detailing. As part of the interior detailing, a deep cleaning of the interiors is what it comprises of. The carpets, leather vinyl and natural fabric upholstery of the seats is cleaned by employing different techniques and products. Not just this, steam cleaning, polishing and vacuuming too is employed to get the desired effect.

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Car Detailing

To rejuvenate the car, bring it back to the way it was looking to meticulously wash and clean all the components and parts of the automotive in the interior and exterior, all the way from the underbody to the top and with every part being given a detailed touch by the detailer and with the products and tools being cleaned thoroughly makes up the car detailing process. Basically it is a good restoration effort.

Car Wash Detailing

A car wash detailing is a step above having the car cleaned with cleaning products, soap, and water to remove the obvious signs of dirt and grime and the cleaning solution is used to help clean the automotive. As part of this there is a lot more detail in car wash detailing. The underbody, the wheels, and every part of the vehicle both on the inside and out are cleaned.

Underbody Steam Cleaning

The underbody of cars has to also be cleaned and paid attention to. And when a car wash is undertaken, washing and cleaning of the underbody can at times be missed or it may not be in detail. And that is why an expert cleaner will carry out the underbody steam cleaning because all the dirt that has built-up over time has to be removed and cleaned and this way the surface will be clean and looks new too. Not just this, if underbody steam cleaning is carried out regularly, then it prevents the metal from getting corroded or oxidized. And an expert cleaner definitely knows a thing or two about this.

Car Paint Detailing

Now the car paint surface is very delicate and needs the utmost protection. But that doesn’t mean that cleaning and washing can be ignored. That is why as part of the car paint detailing process, there are certain steps the cleaners follow and in a way carry out the automotive clean and wash in such a way the paint surface is not affected or damaged.

Engine Bay Detailing

Underbody Steam Cleaning Seven Hills

As part of auto detail services an engine bay detailing and rejuvenation is not pretty commonplace. Yet, for an automotive, it constitutes as one of the most important aspects for more reasons than one. And only an expert can take care of the engine bay cleaning. For this, there is a set process that is undertaken, and if you want an expert engine bay detailer in the Seven Hills area, then just connect with Dr Detail Premium Auto Detailing services.

Engine Bay Cleaning

It is but obvious that the most important part of an automotive is its engine. So that is why you need to keep it in pristine condition at all times so that it doesn’t give problems or is damaged due to lack of care. And as a precaution and to rejuvenate the engine, it is good to engage expert cleaners to take care of the engine bay cleaning. It is prudent before a presale, to get the engine bay cleaning done.

Engine Steam Cleaning

As part of the car detail and rejuvenation service, in addition to engine cleaning, engine steam cleaning is also considered very beneficial for the vehicle engine. As such, any hardened oil, grime, and dirt can be removed with relative ease. And most of all before a presale, an engine steam cleaning is a good move.

Servicing Areas

We also do services like:

Leather & Fabric Seat Cleaning

One of the first things that catch any person’s eye is the car interior. Now, that being said, the seats, be it fabric or leather upholstery too needs to look clean and well-maintained. If it is not, then it gives the vehicle a bad look irrespective of it being a luxury or premium vehicle and everything about the vehicle being classy and the best. And so expert cleaners who know how to clean leather and fabric seat upholstery is best to be hired, and like everything else, the car upholstery also needs to see a round of clean often.

Presale Detailing

If you are considering selling your car, then a round of presale detailing is really advised because, it will definitely augment the value of your car as it will see a round of rejuvenation and the works. And expert detailers know what really entails a presale detail and in that if you are looking for the best in the SEVEN HILLS area, then it is Dr Detail Premium Auto Detailing.

Premium Car Detailing

As is evident in the name, premium car detailing services means exclusive car detailing services that are not part of the common car detailing services. It could also be one-off or exclusive car detailing services that cover this.

Pre Delivery Detailing

When a vehicle arrives at the dealership, it is not ready to hit the road. In fact, it needs a pre delivery detailing workup to be done before it is ready to hit the road and for the customer to take delivery of the vehicle too. And that is why pre delivery work has to be carried out by experienced detailers.

Car Care Detailing

All your car care needs are taken care in the car care detailing. The detailing services offered, covers car care or taking exclusive care of your car, as in, a round of finishing, waxing, polishing and the works.

Seven Hills Underbody Steam Cleaning

Vehicle Rejuvenation

It is good to give your car or automotive a good round of vehicle rejuvenation service. This is because car detailing service translates to a complete round of rejuvenating the vehicle. And your car is in mint condition and it is brought back to its original form.

Car Seat Wash

With time, the car seat fabric or upholstery can become dirty, stained and will have a lot of dust, food spills and dirt all over it. And this can give your car’s interiors a not so appealing look. That is why as part of the car detailing service, a car seat wash should be carried out. Once this is done, the car seat looks new and smells fresh.

Car Detailing Services

Car detailing services are much more than a car wash and include interior detailing, cleaning, finishing, and vacuuming and also exterior detailing services wherein every nook and corner of a vehicle be it in the outside or inside are cleaned and prepped in detail by an experienced detailer. And this is definitely a specialty service of Dr Detail Premium Auto Detailing.

Give your car a nice round of car detailing service

If you are looking to rejuvenate your luxury car with vehicle rejuvenation in Seven Hills 2147, or, if you want exclusive car detailing services anywhere in Seven Hills, then you know it is best to touch base with Dr Detail Premium Auto Detailing. And, if you are looking to connect with us for any car detailing service in the Seven Hills or Sydney, NSW areas, then you may email us at or call us on 0419 661 170.